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Financial Church Reporting, Giving Statements, Budgets By Fund, And More

Reports can help you steward your finances wisely and transparently to demonstrate accountability of the resources God has provided to your church.

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Church Accounting Reports

See your church's financials in real time, at any time. Customize each report and save the reports you frequently use. Then share them with your elders or qualified church leaders.

Aplos offers over 70 customizable financial and accounting reports for churches, including...

Income Statement

Know at a glance how your church is spending money and where that money came from. View your revenue and expenses on your Income Statement, or Statement of Activities. You can see your Income Statement by fund, and you can add optional tag layers for more detailed church reporting.

Balance Sheet

See the balances of your asset, liability, and equity accounts on your Balance Sheet, or Statement of Financial Position. You can also view details to see how each balance is split by fund.

Budgeting Reports

Compare your projected budget with your actual income and expenses to see how your church is stewarding its resources. *Not included in Aplos Lite.

Transaction-Based Reports

Drill down into all of your church transactions by viewing your General Ledger, Journal Entry List, Transaction List, and Transaction List by Fund.

Church accounting reports

Advanced Church Reporting

For those who need more detailed church reporting, Aplos' advanced reporting can help.

*Available with Advanced Accounting upgrade only.

Budget By Fund

Compare your projected budget with your actual income and expenses for each of your funds to see how your church is stewarding its finances.

Budget By Tag

Compare your actual income and expenses against your projected budget for each ministry, location, project, or campaign to see how the different areas of your church align with the budgets that were put in place.

Advanced Tag Reports

See an Income Statement, Tag Statement, or Transaction List for any tagged income or expense transactions.

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*Customized bundles starting at $189/mo. Requires annual contract.

Giving Management Reports

View and filter contributions and pledges, and quickly generate giving statements.

Giving Statements

Quickly print or email giving statements for your church members' tax purposes. You can also easily create mailing labels. For organizations in Canada, statements are compliant with Canadian government requirements.

Giving By Individuals

See summarized or detailed church reporting on individual giving. Filter those results on a report to see only the data you need, such as people who gave to a specific ministry or campaign.

Giving By Households

See summarized or detailed giving by households. Filter those results on a report to see only the data you need, such as households that gave to a building fund or missions fund.

Pledge Tracking

Keep track of pledges people have made to your church. Print or email pledge statements to remind people about the outstanding balance of their pledge. *Not available in Aplos Lite.

Contributions By Purpose

View a list of your purposes, such as your general fund or missions fund, and see how much money has been given to each purpose, and how many contributors have given to each purpose. You can also filter contributions by date.

Giving management reports

Relationship Management Reports For Church Leaders

Help your pastors, staff, and ministry leaders know your people, build relationships with them, and see how you've connected with them over time.

relationship management reports for church leaders

Contact Lists

View and filter church leaders, members, and visitors, and their contact information. Choose from set categories or custom fields that you create. You can save lists or create smart lists that automatically update when someone meets or no longer meets the parameters you set.

Contact Notes

See a list of any notes you've added to people's profiles, sorted by date. Keep track of communication, manage important information, and note red flags about volunteers for your church's protection. You decide who can access those notes in the software.

Report Of Contact

View a list of your communications with your people to know who has been contacted and when. See an entire list, or filter by date or individual.

Communication Reminders

Manage communications by setting reminders to follow up with your church staff, ministry leaders, members, or visitors. Set reminders about volunteer activity, next steps, membership, and more.

Kids Check-In

Monitor attendance by providing a secure check-in and check-out system for children's services or programs. Afterward, generate an attendance report to follow up with families who haven't attended for a while.

Event Reporting For Churches

Foster community in your congregation by holding events. Then monitor event success to see what works and how you can improve in the future.

Event Registrations

Easily view who has registered for an event. Filter the list by those who have paid through your registration form or by those who still need to.

Attendance Reporting

Track event activity to see who attended an event and who might need to be followed up with afterward. Create dynamic lists that are always up to date for efficient communication.

Event Revenue

Quickly view how much money was received from ticket sales to your event to make sure your event costs are covered.

Event reporting for churches

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